About Us
Reel Monster Trucks

Monster Truck Rentals for Films Since 1979

Reel Monster Trucks was started as a division of Freedom Racing Monster Trucks dedicated to film work. We have constantly been upgrading Reel Monster Trucks to ensure we have what you need. We have over a hundred film projects to our credit and have been working with monster trucks and films for over 40 years.

Innovative Truck Designs

Reel Monster Trucks is building more trucks constantly to expand our inventory. We have been involved in a lot of fields.

  • Feature films
  • TV
  • Music videos
  • Commercials
  • Promotions
  • Premieres

We have been a trusted partner since 1979; Of our 40 years of the overall experience, over 20 years have been in the film business. Our expertise has helped us design over 60 builds and get inducted into the ‘Hall Of Fame.’

Reel Monster Trucks

Prepared For Everything

We understand the importance of time and want to save your time. When we show up, we come prepared. Handlers, drivers, and crew at Reel Monster Trucks have the much-needed talent and various trucks that your film requires. We can arrange for the trucks to be wrapped and customized as per your needs.